Greats' Classic Royale Sneaker Is Breaking Out of the White-Sole Mold

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A sneaker with a plain white sole? Been there, worn that. But now, Greats — coincidentally, the maker of one of our favorite all-white sneakers — has something bolder to offer. The brand has just unveiled The Royale Duotone, a new version of its classic Royale shoe that features either a black-and-grey or brown-and-dark-brown upper/sole combo.

Yes, a white sole is a fundamental aspect of most sneakers, but it’s also tired. These neutral-toned Greats, which of course are made from sleek Italian leather like the rest of the brand’s shoes, seem a bit more formal than your average kicks, and are perfectly appropriate for both classy and casual endeavors. Not to mention, the soles of the Duotones won’t show dirt like a white sole will. Genius!