Grab This 4-Pack of Fast-Charging Reusable AA Batteries for Just $24 and Be Ready for Anything Christmas Morning

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Tenavolts 4-Pack AA Batteries | $24 | Promo code TENAVOLTS
Tenavolts 4-Pack AA Batteries | $24 | Promo code TENAVOLTS
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Tenavolts 4-Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries | $24 | Promo code TENAVOLTS

If there’s one thing you can probably never have too many of, it is very likely batteries. This is especially true on Christmas morning, when you find that every item suddenly needs AA batteries. Why not invest in a more sustainable solution by buying some rechargeable batteries?

These Tenavolts 4-Pack rechargeable AA batteries can be yours for 30% off when you apply coupon code TENAVOLTS at checkout, bringing them down to $24.

If you’re wondering why that seems to still be a bit higher than other rechargeable battery sets, this Tenavolts set is a fast-charging model. Your batteries can be recharged in as little as 2 hours, whereas others (like this $15 Energizer model) need 5 to 11 hours to charge.

Take your pick! Time, or money?