A Sample of my Subscribe and Save Items

There’s a trick to getting Amazon’s 5% Subscribe and Save discount without sacrificing the speed of Prime shipping, but 20% off is better.

Start by going through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Store and adding everything you ever buy to your subscriptions. Once you’ve got 5 or more items in a Subscribe and Save order, that 5% offjumps to 15%. That 15% stacks with coupons (always check!), discounts for buying in bulk, and Amazon’s general low pricing.

One more thing: the Amazon Store Card, which grants you 5% back on all Amazon purchases, including Subscribe and Save orders. With a flat 20% off/back before you even start applying coupons, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify wasting your day driving out to that miserable wholesale store you’re paying a membership to shop at.

So what are your favorite items to subscribe to and save on? Tell us in the comments.