Get the Full Hitman 2 Experience for $55 at Target

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Hitman 2: Gold Edition (PS4)| $55 | Target
Hitman 2: Gold Edition (XBO) | $55 | Target

There’s just something super cool about playing as an assassin. Sneaking through areas, getting that satisfying shot and sneaking away undetected... or at least, so I heard. I’m horrible at sneaking around, so my time with stealth games tend to just be running away from authorities, yet again. Anyway, if you want to be play as a gun-for-hire, Hitman 2: Gold Edition is on sale at Target for $55, for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

That might seem a little expensive, but the Gold Edition includes the expansion pass, which retails for $40 on its own. It’s a great deal for a content-complete version of the game.