Get a Western Digital 500GB SSD for Only $95 Which Comes With a Code for Battlefield 2042

Or get a 1TB SSD with Battlefield 2042 for only $160

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WD_Black 500GB SN750 SE SSD w/ Battlefield 2042 | $95 | Amazon
WD_Black 1TB SN750 SSD SE w/ Battlefield 2042 | $160 | Amazon

If you’re currently building a PC or just looking to expand storage, Western Digital is now offering a game code for the upcoming Battlefield 2042 with an SSD. Considering the game goes for $60, what you’re looking at is a $35 SSD if you were planning to get the game anyway. And that’s just the 500GB drive. If you go for the 1TB for $160, which when considering the free game code means technically you’re getting a 1TB SSD for $100 which rips. I’m just sitting here wishing my motherboard had another slot so I could jump on this deal like a pilot jumping out of their jet to shoot an RPG at another jet only to land safely back in their original jet. Note that these SSDs are not compatible with the PS5 and the game code is for the PC version.

This story was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 08/11/2021 and updated with new information on 09/29/2021.