Get a 79% Off Lifetime Subscription to This Fancy Scanning, Counting, Math-Doing, File-Managing iOS App

iScanner takes away the tedium from your job, giving you back time you'd rather spend with a paddle game or something.

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iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription | $40 | StackSocial
iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription | $40 | StackSocial
Graphic: Wes Davis

iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription | $40 | StackSocial

There is a lot of tedium that goes along with a lot of jobs—tasks that you perform over and over that take time, have seemingly no quick solutions, and although they all feel like a waste of effort. You constantly find yourself whipping out your calculator to solve math problems that are a bit too complicated to work out in your head, or having to take documents to a scanner, or needing to take quick measurements, but oh, your tape measure is back in your car or in the basement. Much of this you can do with your phone, but it’s tedious there, too. iScanner looks to fix that, putting all of this and more in one central app that is like a swiss army knife of iPhone AR technology (that’s augmented reality, or using your phone camera to interact with things in the real world). This is an app you may have come across in the past, always thought it sounded cool, but to get beyond the free version you end up having to spend lots of money to unlock each feature—right now, for $40 (it’s normally $199 to get this access), you can get all of its features, now and in perpetuity. What are the features? Well, I guess I’ll tell you about it.

Starting with the camera functionality, iScanner can scan documents (which you can later edit with color correction and noise removal) with specific functionality related to scanning your ID documents so you don’t have to deal with cropping them properly. It can also solve math problems that are printed or written on paper, scan QR codes, count objects, or measure a room and give you its total area. Back to scanning, documents you scan can be saved to PDF, with support for building multi-page PDFs, and you can mark them up or blur them, and add your electronic signature or stamps. The app also has its own file manager so you can keep all of your important job-related items in one place, and you can even protect those documents with locking folders and files that require a PIN to access. Many of these features, as I said above, are already in iOS, but without the depth or centralized nature offered by iScanner. If you’re in a business that deals with a ton of paper—realtors, lawyers, business managers, to name some—this app can potentially save you a great deal of headache and time. iScanner is free to download on the app store if you’d like to test it out, but act quickly, because this deal is today only.

This story was originally published by Wes Davis on 02/22/2022 and updated by Joe Tilleli with new information on 08/09/2022.