Get a 64GB Moto G7 Unlocked for $100 Off

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64GB Moto G7 (Unlocked) | $200 | B&H Photo
64GB Moto G7 (Unlocked) | $200 | B&H Photo
Graphic: Quentyn Kennemer

64GB Moto G7 (Unlocked) | $200 | B&H Photo

Need a new phone? Believe it or not, you can pay less than $200 for a quality smartphone, and they don’t have to be refurbished, either. The Moto G7 is one such phone. It has dual cameras that support 4K video capture, octa-core performance, 4GB of RAM, and a nice big 6.2-inch Full HD+ display, and B&H Photo has knocked $100 off its price tag. The smartphone is unlocked and available for use on pretty much all major U.S. carriers, 4G LTE and all.