GameStop’s Exclusive PlayStation and Marvel Funko Pops are 20% off, Today Only

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Funko Pop Horizon Zero Dawn Thunderjaw | $15 | GameStop
Funko Pop Ratchet & Clank | $18 | GameStop
Funko Pop Marvel Street Art Daredevil | $20 | GameStop
Funko Pop Marvel Street Art Luke Cage | $20 | GameStop
Funko Box Marvel’s Avengers | $20 | GameStop
Funko Pop Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth | $24 | GameStop

If you’ve been in an actual GameStop store in the last few years, then you’ve no doubt noticed that the retailer has shifted a lot of its physical space towards toys and collectibles—most prominently Funko Pops. And the store has worked with the company to develop quite a few exclusive Pops that you can’t find anywhere else.

Today only, you can snag a handful of those exclusives for 20% off the regular price. PlayStation fans might want to jump on Ratchet & Clank, Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth, and Horizon Zero Dawn’s Thunderjaw toys. Meanwhile, there are Daredevil and Luke Cage Pops in the Marvel Street Art collection, as well as a special gift box based on this year’s Marvel’s Avengers game.