Frivolously Install Every Game You Own on a 2TB WD_Black P50 Game Drive External SSD at a 58% Discount

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WD_Black P50 Game Drive External SSD (2TB) | $209 | Adorama

It used to bet that SSDs were coveted by gamers as the unattainable gold standard of PC storage. If you were rich enough to afford one, you probably should’ve been paying more in taxes. Today that’s not the case, as SSD flash storage is no more expensive than spinning hard drives were just a few years ago, so much so that even console “plebs” have adopted them as the norm.

The WD_Black P50 Game Drive is but one example of this shift to accessibility. Marked down to $209 on Adorama for 2TB of space, I’m pretty sure the average person, i.e., someone who doesnt buy every triple-A title, could fit their entire game library on one. The “SuperSpeed” USB 3.2 Gen 2 drive comes with both a USB-C and USB-C to USB-A, offering versatility when it comes to connections, and making it a truly portable option, whether you’re taking your PC or console home for the holidays to introduce to the rest of the family for the first time or you’re moving the drive between rooms.

The one caveat is that while the Xbox Series X and S natively support external SSDs, the PS5 will only let you run legacy PS4 games on the Game Drive, putting those newly wedded to Sony’s current-gen console in quite the predicament. Even so, anyone taking full advantage of backward compatibility and Game Boost will appreciate the bump in storage.