For $5, This HORI Screen Protector Will Keep Your Nintendo Switch Safe

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HORI Screen Protective Filter | $5 | Amazon
HORI Screen Protective Filter | $5 | Amazon
Graphic: Gabe Carey

HORI Screen Protective Filter | $5 | Amazon

If I’d known the wreckage that ensues when you don’t have a screen protector for your Nintendo Switch, I would’ve bought one years ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t, and for that, my day one console is forever scarred by the chafing of its own dock.

Don’t be me. Get an officially licensed screen protector while it’s on sale for the price of a shitty beer.

If you don’t know, HORI has a reputation for building high-quality gaming peripherals—mostly fight sticks and controllers, though it also has an $8 stand for playing your Switch in handheld mode with the Joy Cons detached or passively binging Hulu.

The HORI protective filter aims to distance itself from the biggest pain point usually associated with screen protectors: air bubbles. HORI promises to eliminate this rippling concern using a patented application method designed for “perfect results the first time.”

According to this YouTube video, that effectively amounts to aligning the film with the screen then pulling away at a series of tabs until the protective layer is optimally adherent. Finally, a slice of cardboard is employed to comb out any remaining beads.

It takes two minutes. Don’t make the same mistake I did.