Five Great Prime Day Deals On Cleaning Products

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Sales can be tricky. Which is not exactly news but somehow the sales, they still trick us! Which is a pitfall with Prime Day, to be sure: Some deals look tempting — like purchasing six canisters of cleaning wipes at a discount — but aren’t really great deals when you break them down. In the case of the six canisters of wipes, you’ll want to consider how frequently you go through a canister of wipes and how much storage space you have to stash spares. To help you avoid living in a home overtaken by canisters of cleaning wipes, here’s a roundup of the five best Prime Day cleaning-related purchases you can make.

DrillBrush Attachments, $14

I’m so deeply obsessed with the DrillBrush, you guys. GET THEE A SET OF DRILLBRUSH ATTACHMENTS!!! The yellow brush heads are the all-purpose medium ones, which will be the right choice for most people to use to deep clean things like bathtubs, but there are other attachments for outdoor or automotive use. A drill is not included with the DrillBrush attachments, but there are plenty of deals on drills to be found if you’re in the market for one of those.

Lens Cleaning Wipes, $10

Unlike wipes that come in canisters, lens cleaning wipes — which can be used on eye- and sunglasses, cell phones, tablets, laptops, camera lenses, etc. — can be stored for a long time before they lose their efficacy. They’re individually wrapped, so they won’t dry out, and are easy to tuck into a wallet or handbag, or the pocket of a laptop bag, or to toss in a carry-on bag to clean the TV screen on an airplane’s seatback not that you would ever need to do that nope not at all.

Dobie Pads, $17

Oh my beloved Dobie Pads! I think Dobies are actually perfect sponges, and I do not say that lightly, as someone who has spent an ungodly amount of time considering sponges. As a reminder, these are non-scratch abrasive sponges that are perfect for safely scouring plastic refrigerator interiors, glass, enamel or stainless steel cooktops that are coated in stuck-on food and grease, wood surfaces that need a good scrubbing … tons of uses, really. Love a Dobie.

MYUANGO Safe Grill Brush and Scraper, $12

Remember the time I told you that your grill brush was going to kill you?!? (I love to fear-monger!) So the thing is, your grill brush is probably going to kill you, because they wear out faster than most people realize, at which point the bristles can come loose and wind up in your food. And you DO NOT want to ingest a grill brush bristle I PROMISE. If your old grill brush needs replacing, here’s a good chance to do so — plus, this brush is designed without bristles at all, so it poses no risk of impalement.

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket, $30

Fun fact! I hate mops. For the most part, I encourage people to skip mops in favor of washing floors on hands & knees, which people hate me for and then they try it and realize how much more effective it is than mopping and then they reallllly hate me for it, it’s a whole thing. But I concede that there are times and circumstances under which mopping is the best choice, and I’d rather have you mop than do nothing at all. If you need a good mop this O-Cedar dealie is it; I’ve actually used this mop and it didn’t make me entirely homicidal, which is about the highest praise you’ll ever find me offering a mop.