Fill the Sky With Thousands of Bubbles Thanks to This Bazooka Bubble Gun for $38

Save 37% on a bubble machine gun for parties, weddings, or just for fun in the backyard.

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69 holes capable of making thousands of bubbles.
69 holes capable of making thousands of bubbles.
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Bubbles aren’t just for kids. I’m an adult and I fucking love bubbles. Bubbles make me lose my damn mind. Spherical layers of soap encapsulating air or gas just floating around? Hell yeah. And what’s better than one bubble? A whole fuck ton of bubbles. This bubble machine gun has 69 (nice) holes (double nice) so you can fill the sky with your bubbles. We’re talking thousands of bubbles at once here folks. Great for parties, weddings, to fix a boring afternoon, you name it.

Bubble Machine Gun | $38 | Amazon

Right now the bazooka bubble gun is 37% off, bringing the price down from $60 to $38.