Figure Out What's up With Your Car With a $40 FIXD Vehicle Diagnostic Device

This handy little auto tool is $20 off right at Best Buy

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FIXD Vehicle Diagnostic Device | $40 | Best Buy
FIXD Vehicle Diagnostic Device | $40 | Best Buy
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

FIXD Vehicle Diagnostic Device | $40 | Best Buy

You’re getting that light telling you something’s up with your car, but who has the time (or desire) to take their car to the shop right now? So why not find out what’s wrong with a FIXD Vehicle Diagnostic Device, $20 off right now at Best Buy?

You can grab the tool for just $40 to see if that issue is something that needs attention right away, or if it’s something that can wait. Plus, I don’t know about you, but some auto shops and dealerships try to charge me sometimes to check. Avoid that charge completely from now on with this nifty little FIXD device while the deal is still good!

This deal was originally published by Elizabeth Lanier on 2/21/21 and was updated with new information on 6/27/21.