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Feeling Cooped Up? Everything You Need to Start Running Outside Again

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Photo: Andrew Tanglao (Unsplash )

Ngl, life is hard right now, for everyone. Even as someone who’s stressed out of their mind right now, I recognize that I’m one of the lucky ones. Still, running outside helps. This article was originally supposed to be a half marathon prep guide, written over a month ago. Since then, the NY Half Marathon I was training for has been outright cancelled.


It’s not clear yet whether I’ll be reimbursed and registered automatically for next year’s race. Does it matter? You’d have every right to bow the world’s smallest violin for my disappointment in this. And yet, I continue to wallow. And it’s a struggle, to get back into the routine. When you’re training for nothing, setting goals becomes its own obstacle.

That said, I’ve been running somewhat regularly for a long time, going on 10 years now. While it’s no substitute for therapy and medication, it’s an undeniable aid for those suffering from mental illnesses (such as myself, bipolar II babyyy) or perhaps for those just suffering. It’s also a great way to stave off that quarantini gut, combined with a healthy diet.

So, go on, go long, go fast, go slow. As long as you go—and you’re maintaining six feet of distance from the next runner—you should be set ... with the right gear that is.

Under Armour ColdGear Base 2.0 Shirts | $60 (M) / $50 (W)

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Image: Under Armour

There’s no question in my mind that Under Armour makes some of the better quality athletic shirts. IF that isn’t true, then why does Coach Taylor fork over $3,000 of his own money to get Under Armour uniforms for his team? (Maybe instead of binge-watching Friday Night Lights, I should get back to running.)

For me, Under Armour’s ColdGear Base 2.0 71% Polyester/29% Elasterell shirts are perfect for the in-between weather we’re seeing right now. Comfy, tight-fitting but still kinda roomy, they’ll keep you warm through the rest of the wing, or winter-spring. Don’t worry, ladies, they’ve got ‘em for you too.

That said, it will soon be time to adjust our clothing according to the weather, and that means short sleeves. Whether you want crew neck (M) or V-neck (M) or an expansive selection of both for women, Under Armour’s got you covered. Use the promo code WFH25 for 25% off sitewide.

Under Armour UA Launch SW 9" Shorts | $26

You’ve got the shirt, why not get the shorts too? I prefer Under Armour to Nike in this department because they run long and I’m self-conscious about my thighs! Mileage may vary for ladies, but there’s tons of cute best-selling options on the site to choose from.


Under Armour ColdGear Leggings | $50

Like I said earlier, it won’t be cold for much longer, but depending on where you live, it may not be warm either. ColdGear leggings are the perfect match for the aforementioned UA Launch shorts and ColdGear Base shirts. That said, it might be time to switch to compression shorts.

Lucky for you, Under Armour has plenty to choose from. And if you’re femme, don’t worry, their women’s compression clothing is equally competitive.


Apple Watch Series 5 | $384

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Photo: Victoria Song (Gizmodo)

I sold my Apple Watch, and ho boy do I regret it. Now I have to leave my apartment either strapping one of these bad boys to my arm or *shudders* carrying my hoss of an iPhone 11 Pro Max.


The last Apple Watch I owned was the Series 3, and the Series 5 makes a lot of improvements over that model and its successor. For one, the screen is always on so you don’t have to swing your wrist to see what time it is. You can look at it ... in your periphery (gasp!).

In addition to the incremental adjustments, all of its signature functionality is still in place. Shell out for the monthly subsidized LTE version and you can stream your favorite playlists on Apple Music, or save up to 8GB of your bops offline with the GPS-only model.


Bose SoundSport Free | $199

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Image: Bose

For actually listening to music, you can’t go wrong with the Bose SoundSport Free truly wireless earbuds. They may not have active noise cancelling like AirPods Pro or the Sony WF-1000XM3, but they’re cheaper than the closest Apple alternative. Plus, they’re water and sweat resistant unlike Sony’s.

Trust me, I put that claim to the test the other day when I accidentally put them through a wash AND dry cycle before (falsely) believing I’d fucked up big time. Nevertheless, they persisted, and so I’ll continue to hold my head up high listening to JPEGMAFIA through Battery Park nearly every evening to let out steam.

Though not as fashionable as AirPods, these are some of the most reliable fitness earbuds on the market, and I prefer the bass-heavy sound to Jabra’s tinnier EQ. While I’ve lost mine and re-bought them maybe three or four times now DESPITE the in-app GPS tracking feature, Bose SoundSport Free come highly recommended.


As an alternative, you can annoy your neighbors and stay hydrated at the same time with this iHome water bottle/Bluetooth speaker I also own for some reason. You’re welcome.

Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoes | $96+ (M) / $93+ (W)

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Graphic: Gabe Carey

After being introduced to the Ghost 11 a couple years back, I’ve reached the point of no return with the Brooks Ghost 12 (available in men and women’s sizes). This shoe is not only comfortable, it can take the distance too. Mine have lasted me through this year and most of 2019 as well, and I go for 10+ miles consecutively once or twice a week in addition to my shorter 4-6 mile runs.

On the downside, you might need inserts later on, in which case I highly recommend these guys. They’re ProFoot and so am I!


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