Feed An Entire Family With the Sprawling AeroGarden Farm, Now $150 Off

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Our readers have purchased thousands of Miracle-Gro Aerogardens over the years, but if you’ve outgrown your little countertop vegetable patch, the AeroGarden Farm is what you need to expand your indoor harvesting ambitions.

The Farm is basically a gigantic (the size of two tall kitchen trash cans placed side by side) version of the AeroGarden, complete with smartphone control, plus two LED grow lights with adjustable heights, so you can dedicate one side to smaller herbs, and the other to taller vegetable plants. Despite the size, it still uses the same AeroGarden hydroponic seed pods as the countertop models; it just accommodates a whopping 24 of them at once.

$548 is a lot of money, obviously, but that’s easily an all-time low, and about $150 less than usual.