Everyone's Favorite Commuting Flat Just Got a Splash of Summer Color

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Finding shoes for a shitty commute is the bane of my existence, but Rothy’s somehow figured out how to make a flat that looks purposeful, without tearing up your heels.

If you don’t know the background of the ads you’re seeing all over Facebook and Instagram, Rothy’s took the DTC market by storm with their comfortable flats made from recycled water bottles. And now, they’re launching a bunch of summer colors that are on-trend and are worlds away from your mom’s ballet flat.

With three classic styles (The Flat, The Point, and The Loafer), Rothy’s created shoes that easily fit into a bag for commuting, while looking stylish enough to say “I planned this.” The new colors are a testament to the enduring nature of ethical, sustainable fashion. And they’re pretty dang comfortable.


The “Summer Bolds” collection added nine new colors to the Rothy’s lineup. Bright pinks, bold yellows, and geometric stripes adorn the shoes, making them feel less like the shoes you have to wear while attempting to crush yourself into a crowded subway, and more like something you plan an outfit around. The material is soft, stretchy, and durable, so it makes wearing them a lot easier than having to shove a pair of sneakers into a tote bag.