Eufy Is Introducing an All-In-One Smart Lock, Camera, and Doorbell

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The See-Everything Eufy Video Smart Lock | $229 | Kickstarter
The See-Everything Eufy Video Smart Lock | $229 | Kickstarter
Screenshot: Eufy

The See-Everything Eufy Video Smart Lock | $229 | Kickstarter

Smart Home security devices have been surfacing more and more as of late, so it’s about time we see a single product that serves all your security needs. The See-Everything Eufy Video Smart Lock is exactly what that sounds like—combining a video doorbell with a smart lock achieves full control over who enters your home in one package.

The video doorbell allows you to be alerted and see who is coming to your door in high-res video at 2k. The AI accurately can distinguish between people, pets, and vehicles so your phone won’t go buzzing every time a car drives by. The wide dynamic range of the camera ensures the video is clear on the sunniest of days while the infrared lights allow for clarity in the darkness of night. The built-in mic and speaker allow for two-way communication with the companion app. You’ll be able to greet your guests as they arrive or check in with this surprise visitor even when you’re away from the house.

Leave your house without the need for a key as you can unlock your door through a passcode or even fingerprint recognition. The processing power of the fingerprint chip allows for unlocking speeds of as low as 0.3 seconds. And the self-learning AI improves accuracy and speed over time with each use.

You can back this project on Kickstarter now. Pledging $229 or more will grant you the See-Everything Eufy Video Smart Lock for 42% off what its set MSRP will be.