Embody Our Collective Existential Dread with a "This Is Fine" Dumpster Fire Vinyl Figure for $30

Pre-order the dumpster fire "This Is Fine" vinyl figure for release in September

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(Pre-order) “This Is Fine” Dumpster Fire Vinyl Figure| $30 | Entertainment Earth

No two other memes are more perfectly paired then the dumpster fire and “this is fine” dog. As we each sit at our computers working away each day, uncertain of whether this new delta variant will lead to another year of isolation, we can look down at our desks and see this cute little dog on a dumpster. It will bring us sweet but fleeting joy as it reminds of the certain impending doom we are all spiraling towards minute by minute with no chance of reversing our destruction nor entropy itself—a cruel but necessary law of the universe. Also, look at him he’s so cute!

Pre-orders are available now for $30 for the vinyl figure which will release in September.