Ditch the Gas Can And Grab This Battery-Powered Trimmer For Just $60

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If you apply promo code JUMPINTOFALL, you can get my wife’s favorite weed trimmer, a refurbished WORX Cordless Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower, plus two batteries, for just $60.

Confession time: Since the introduction of Lithium Ion powered lawn tools, my wife does at least 80% of the yard work at our home. I trust her opinion on lawn and garden tools more than my own.

She prefers battery-powered trimmers for their push-button power, light-weight, low noise, lack of exhaust, and because there’s no gasoline or oil to deal with.

Since this past Spring, she’s been using this exact model for everything from precision work around flower beds to clearing moderate areas of grass and weeds too narrow for our mower to reach. She hasn’t pined for her old trimmer once, and maintains that our 60V trimmer is “too powerful and heavy to be useful.” Two 20V 4.0ah batteries get her through about an hour of active trimming in our yard, and we haven’t noticed any degradation in run time over the last four months.