Early Cyber Monday: Watch the Perfect Apple TV 4K for $70 Less

Apple's entertainment device have huge discounts on Cyber Sunday & Cyber Monday.

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Apple TV 4K (64 GB) | $123 | Amazon
Apple TV 4K (64 GB) | $123 | Amazon
Graphic: Tom Philip

Apple TV 4K (64 GB) | $123 | Amazon

If you’re still watching movies on your dirty old laptop: who hurt you? The Apple TV 4K is $70 off, down from $195 for Cyber Sunday & Cyber Monday, and will upgrade every movie, TV show, and vine compilation on Youtube you’ll ever watch again. 64 GB is more than enough storage to house all the great streaming services, a few movies for offline viewing, and even some weird games from the App Store.

There was a time when Apple’s “ultimate smart home hub” was a bit of a joke–an afterthought up against sleek laptops and increasingly enormous phones. That’s not the case anymore: The Apple TV 4K is, for my money, the best media streaming device in the world. The apps are intuitive, the playback is seamless and smooth, and the newly redesigned controller finally works like it’s supposed to: as a TV remote.

This story was originally published by Tom Phillip on 10/11/2022 and updated by Joe Tilleli with new information on 11/27/2022.