Pour a Big Glass of Wine and Crack Open the Official Obama Presidency Photography Book For the Best Price Ever

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I know it feels like Donald Trump has been president since before any of us were born, but did you know that a man named Barack Obama used to hold the office? Not everyone agreed with all of his ideas, but he didn’t really tweet or sabotage his own government or brag about the time he totally could have nailed Pamela Anderson if he really wanted to. As a result, most people didn’t tend to think about him several times per hour, and historians tell us that the populace, as a result, had a far lower baseline level of stress.

Fortunately, there exists a photographic record of this period in history, and it’s being released as a 12" x 10" hardcover book highlighting the work of Pete Souza, former official White House photographer of the time, and current Instagram troll. $21 is an all-time low price.