Do Your Moisturizing in the Shower with LUSH's Argan Body Conditioner

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Many things are better in the shower. Brushing your teeth, shaving, even sex... sometimes. Moisturizing is no exception, especially when LUSH’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is involved.

Ro’s might feel on the pricier side at $36 direct from LUSH, but Argan oil, the titular ingredient, is worth it and doesn’t come cheap. Your skin will feel amazing, and the container lasts quite a while.

Ro’s is packed with ingredients like cocoa and shea butter, but what you’ll notice immediately is the incredible rose scent. This is a product you’ll walk by and open just to smell.

Because Ro’s gets rinsed off at the end of your shower, you’ll be left feeling fully moisturized with no sense of stickiness. And you’ll smell like roses.