Decorate Your Home as if You're Visiting Your Family for Thanksgiving With These Figures From Wayfair

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Save up 40% on Thanksgiving Figures | Wayfair
Save up 40% on Thanksgiving Figures | Wayfair
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Save up 40% on Thanksgiving Figures | Wayfair

The recommendations are all over to stay home and not travel for Thanksgiving. I won’t be traveling to see my family which is a bummer because this is one of my favorites days. Wayfair has a ton of decorations and figures to bring a little of this holiday into your home and make it feel a little more festive.

This feels like a real mom selection for decorating with traditional turkeys. The handmade palm turkey figurine is 25% off. He’s made of 100% Bankuan and would look fetching as a centerpiece for your solo feast.

I don’t know why but this guy is really speaking to me. Made from recycled wood this country cousin of Tom Turkey is only slightly unsettling but still kind of charming even with his dead-eyed stare. I’d be proud to sit him on my shelf and would probably let him ride all year. A little cottage vibe for the season or all seasons.

For the classy household may I present this glass turkey with long elegant legs, it’s also 40% off. You could position this one in the center of the table as if it’s overseeing all the fixins. Perch it near a bottle of champagne for ultimate fanciness.

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