Cut Your Ingredients With a Proper Chef Knife for Only $92

Get a KYOKU chef knife on sale, just clip the coupon on the product page.

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KYOKU Chef Knife | $92 | Amazon
KYOKU Chef Knife | $92 | Amazon
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

KYOKU Chef Knife | $92 | Amazon

Put an end to having crap knives in your kitchen. Get rid of them. You need something sharp and versatile that can be used for every task. This 8-inch KYOKU chef knife is the knife for the job. It has a steel core, composite handle, and it is cryogenically treated for extra hardness which is apparently a thing. It also comes with a sheath and case. Amazon has it reduced by 39% but you can save an additional 5% when you clip the coupon on the item page.