Crashing on the Couch Isn't So Bad With Burrow's New Sleep Kit

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The Sleep Kit, $350
Gif: Burrow

I don’t care how nice your sofa is. Unless it’s a futon (and sometimes, even then), sleeping on it probably doesn’t feel amazing. But now, the DTC couch connoisseurs at Burrow are out to change that with their newest release: The Sleep Kit, an innovation for couch surfers everywhere.

The Sleep Kit contains pretty much everything you need to have a decent night’s sleep on the couch, including a memory foam topper, a quilted comforter, a couch-specific set of sheets, a pillow and pillowcase, and an eye mask—all in a handy storage sack that sort of looks like an oversized sleeping bag. Of course, The Sleep Kit is specific to Burrow’s Nomad sofa, but really, it could be unfurled atop most three-seater couches and still work fine.

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Image: Burrow

To set up The Sleep Kit, simply unroll the memory foam topper on the couch—the pillow and comforter are tucked inside. Then, retrieve the sheets from the storage bag’s outside pocket, and tuck the fitted sheet, complete with cell phone pocket, over the topper, around the sofa (Burrow recommends removing the upright couch cushions to maximize space). Then add the rest of the bedding as you would on any other bed.

Burrow actually sent me a kit to try out for myself, and I must say, the whole setup was comfier than just laying on my couch with a throw pillow. Also, importantly, The Sleep Kit wasn’t a giant pain to put away; simply bundle everything back up and put it back in the storage-friendly bag.

There’s something nice about having a set of bedding specifically for the couch, especially if you’re someone who hosts a lot of house guests; The Sleep Kit saves you from having to rifle through your linen closet (or uh, that one shelf) for an extra set of sheets or pillow, and your visitors won’t be forced to cuddle up to that old, mothball-riddled quilt your grandma made for you 25 years ago. Plus, it saves you the hassle of clearing out your furniture to make way for a big blow-up air mattress or a fold-out futon.


Or, hey! Frequent travelers could just invest in a Sleep Kit for themselves to ensure the next couch that they snooze on isn’t. Though, at $350 for a kit (or $300 with the purchase of a Nomad sofa), maybe just invest in a hotel room for the night.