Looks Like Comixology Is Officially ComixAmazon Now

The move from Comixology to Kindle Comics has happened, but you can still buy and access your faves.

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Graphic: Gabe Carey

The rumors are true: The website formerly known as Comixology is now officially part of the Amazon family. Going to the original website will now direct you to “the new Comixology,” which the site promises is nothing more than the company’s new home. (Their words.) You should still have access to any previous digital purchases, from Batman: The Killing Joke to The Vision & The Scarlet Witch #3 or The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The difference is that you’ll now read them exclusively in the Kindle App, on your desktop with Kindle Cloud Reader, or in the redesigned comiXology app. To paraphrase a friend of a friend: The interface of the new app is no good. So maybe stick with one of the Kindle products for now, or buy more tangible copies until they work out the kinks. Also, why did I pick those three titles specifically? To see how you’d react to them, obviously.