Co-op: What Are the Best Nintendo Switch Games to Play in Bed With a Fever and Stuffy Nose?

Let's talk about what games have helped you get through quarantine.

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Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Here we are in 2022 and the pandemic has ... barely gotten any better. Like, folks. This fucking sucks. Cases are at a severe high at the time of writing this. Anecdotally I can say a lot of people I know who had been protecting themselves for the last year and a half had it finally catch up to them leading into the new year. I, myself, was out of commission from the virus 2 weeks ago.

If my apartment wasn’t locked off to the outside world, you would’ve found me spending most of my time turned to one side in bed so all the mucus would rush over giving me a free nostril to breathe. I was mostly relegated to playing my Switch in handled mode—between bouts of doomscrolling Twitter and staring at the wall, disassociating. The game that got me through the week was The Binding of Isaac. This roguelike proved perfect for me because I’m brand new at the game which relegated all of my runs to quick 5-15 minute intervals—the perfect amount of time before the pressure in my sinus felt like it would burst and I’d need to close my eyes again.

So folks, if you’ve been sick this year—covid or otherwise—what games have helped you get through the coughs, congestion, fevers, and solitude?


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