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Let us be honest with one another, because we are all friends here: Sometimes, when you’re hosting a party, disposable plates and such are the way to go to make the inevitable cleanup much, much easier. But you can do better than flimsy paper plates from the grocery store, and I’m here to help. There are so so so many great disposable plate options out there, so if the ones I picked out don’t strike your fancy, don’t despair. But honestly these picks are great.

Rose Gold Lace Plate Set

Photo: Amazon

I do believe that we’re hearing the last gasps of the rose gold trend, but while she’s still got life in her, you might as well go big and wow your guests with this set of 25 super baroque dinner and salad plates with a rose gold lace design around the border. These are very good looking plates! The set is also a great buy, because it comes with matching cutlery. And bonus tiny forks! TINY FORKS!

Frondware Palm Leaf Square Plates

Graphic: Shep McAllister

If rose gold isn’t your style, maybe I could interest you in something a little more botanical? This set of 25 10" palm leaf square plates is very cool in a “Yes, I do compost, why do you ask?” type of way (they are compostable, yes!) They don’t come with cutlery, but a coordinating set of 100 forks, 50 spoons and 50 knives is available to complete the look.

Just Plain White Disposable Plates (but good ones)

Photo: Amazon

Perhaps you’re a minimalist? This set of 50 disposable, compostable, biodegradable plates is plain and square and white, and they’re made from sugarcane, so no trees were harmed in their production. I don’t know what else to tell you about them, really! Oh, well there’s this: Those are the 8" size, but they also come in 10" should you need larger plates, and 6" should you need smaller plates.

Don’t Forget the Serving Platters ...

Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’re going FULL DISPOSABLE why not extend the fun and convenience to your serving pieces? Here’s a pretty attractive set of four 3-compartment appetizer serving trays that can hold olives, nuts, crackers, dips, candy … lots of stuff. If you like those palm leaf plates and want something to coordinate, here’s a set of six palm leaf platters to go with them. If you need to transport a cake or cookies to a party and want something that looks nice but that you won’t mind leaving behind, here’s a set of 12 gold cardboard pastry trays that will fit the bill.

… and the Serving Bowls

Photo: Amazon

Bowls bowls bowls! So many bowls to choose from! Would you like a set of five clear plastic bowls to hold stuff like fruit salad, chips or popcorn? Got you covered! Would you like something in dramatic black? Do you need a dozen fishbowls to hold a mixed punch involving blue curacao? Yes, you can have that too.