Catch Up on the God of War in the Latest Title for Only $10

Take on the role of Kratos and explore a beautiful world while also calling Atreus "Boy" a lot.

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God of War (PlayStation Hits) | $10 | Amazon

This console generation is winding down (although we still can’t find the new ones anywhere), so now is the time to pick up some of the most popular PS4 titles for cheap and catch up on what you missed. Sony Santa Monica’s God of War is only $10 right now, and if you haven’t given the soft reboot of the series a try, now’s the perfect chance. Still as vicious as ever but having a more meaningful story about fatherhood, God of War was well-received critically, so now you can experience it yourself for a really good price.

This post was originally published by Elizabeth Henges on 08/29/2020 and updated by Joe Tilleli with new information on 06/21/2021.