Catch 'Em All And Then Some By Grabbing Retro Pokemon Titles From Woot!

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Video Game Blowout | Woot!
Video Game Blowout | Woot!
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

Video Game Blowout | Woot!

Woot’s huge Video Game Blowout sale is underway, and you can save big on a number of refurbished retro titles and used consoles. There are a number of Pokemon titles in this particular sale too, which is big news for a collector of the massively popular series. Anyone trying to cobble together a collection knows that Pokemon titles are difficult to find, and especially for the older titles, you’re now likely to pay a lot to get a cart with a dud of a battery. Super frustrating!

But since Woot’s games are refurbished, all of the Pokemon games on sale have either had their batteries tested or completely replaced. So, you know you’ll be getting a working copy of the game!

Which Pokemon games does Woot have on offer? Hold on, because it’s a lot:

Yeah, that’s a big old load of Pokemon. The Video Game Blowout lasts until September 30, but don’t expect these titles to stay in stock the whole time. Grab the titles you want before they’re sold out!