Casper's Duvet Cover is the Casper of Duvet Covers

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Casper kicked the mattress industry out of bed back in 2014, and most of our team is sleeping on at least one of their mattresses these days. We’re also fans of their Foundation and Dog Bed, and now, we’re happy to say the same about their sheets.

Casper didn’t try to reinvent the loom with their sheeting material, going for breathable extra-long staple Supima cotton and not trying to serve up any bullshit about thread count. The accent stripes give the sheets life without getting into pattern territory, and merciful touches like well-placed labels and seams help with folding.


The duvet cover is the standout here. With soft sheeting material on both sides, the cover is truly reversible, and has no need of superfluous flat sheets. And for the biggest serving of ice water in hell, Casper built hidden openings at the corners to help easily secure the duvet to its snaps.

Casper’s sheets are currently available in five color combinations, though I’m sad to say only the white/chambray was available when I got mine. Navy/azure is clearly the best, and the cream option is the stuff of nightmares.