Buy Committee: Would Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help Me Beat My Migraines?

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Buy Committee, Tyrone’s mom needs your help.

I’m on the fence about buying blue-light blocking glasses. I’m a millennial web editor, which means I am staring at a screen from the moment I get on my AM train up until I get ready for bed. Either I’m looking at my computer for 9 hours a day or checking Snapchat to see if my friend Jess has sent me any new videos of her cat. I wear glasses every day and rarely wear contacts, so I think these lenses might be good for me.

I’ve had headaches for the last few years now, which were only recently diagnosed as migraines. While I am treating that with my doctor, I want to take an extra step to potentially lessen the strain on my eyes and, hopefully, have less headaches over time. Ideally, if I were to get blue-light blocking glasses, I’d want to be able to pick out the frame myself and I’d like a wide variety of options. I’ve seen some companies with less than 10 frames to choose from.

I’d also love to hear from anyone who might have been experiencing headaches prior to getting glasses to see if they helped at all.

So, Buy Committee (that’s you), scroll down to the comments to share your experiences with your blue light blocking glasses. Help Ana decide whether he should invest in a pair.

As someone with similar habits, I can honestly say that they’ve intrigued me for a while. But when I eventually tried them out to see if they’d help me go to sleep easier, they did not work.


From what I can gather, my difficulty falling asleep is in part due to the stimulation I get from playing Overwatch before bed and not necessarily due to the blue light.

As for as reducing the amount of blue light you experience every day, there’s built-in software/settings in most devices now which can turn down the amount of blue light emitted. I think you should explore that option before even considering a purchase. Otherwise, look up Gunnar glasses, Felix Gray’s stylish frames, or just replace your lenses with blue light blocking ones with a site like Lensabl.


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