Buy Committee: Which Mirrorless Camera Should I Buy?

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Photo: Insung Yoon (Unsplash)

Buy Committee, our favorite deal researcher and jack-of-all-trades, Corey, needs your help.

Almighty squad! I’m finally considering a mirrorless camera for myself even though it may very well cause a rift in my marriage. (The reason it may cause a rift is because Lana shoots medium format and DSLR.)

As always, I want something dirt cheap with a ton of features. If you have opinions, I want ‘em. This is going to be a lark camera for me.

I’m currently looking at an Olympus because of price. But I would love to have a Sony. The a6300 could work, but I need a screaming deal.

So, Buy Committee (that’s you), scroll down to the comments to share your experiences with your mirrorless camera. Help Corey decide whether he should invest in a Sony camera.

I, for one, think it’s silly to consider anything but a Sony camera when shopping for a mirrorless. They are, quite frankly, the gold standard when it comes to this style of camera.


The Sony a6400 is a little pricey and the cost of lenses can be a big hurdle when considering Sony. Here’s how I’d approach it:

- Wait for Black Friday
- Find a refurbished kit deal
- Sell the kit lenses and pick up a converter
- Steal your wife’s lenses

And start making images.

Of course, we’re looking to help you decide on more purchases. So, if you’re still agonizing over something, email with the subject line “Buy Committee” or tweet us at @ItsTheInventory.