Buy Committee: What Shoes Will Help Me Survive Disney World?

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Image: Edgar Chaparro (Unsplash)

Buy Committee, Tyrone’s mom (a.ka. Ana) needs your help. She and a friend won a trip to Disney World and will be heading to Orlando in a few weeks, But, she’s looking for some recommendations, especially considering that her last trip wrecked her feet.

I wore a pair of Nikes to Universal when she and I went in 2018, and I honestly felt like I was dying by the end of the trip. The sneakers I wore were once great, but they’d clearly passed their prime and wearing them for five days straight destroyed my feet. The blisters were rough, but honestly, I just had a lot of pain in my feet. My toes felt cramped, the bottom of my feet were sore and felt like I’d been walking on the concrete barefoot. It sometimes feel like the bottom of my feet are as thin as paper.

To be honest, I do get pain in my feet a lot that I need to see a podiatrist for, but who has the time?!

Anyhow, I need a pair of trusty sneakers that can handle me walking anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 steps a day as I search for Baymax and Rapunzel in the parks. And while I wait in a two-hour line at Universal to go on the new Harry Potter ride. Walking isn’t always bad, but having to stand in one spot for prolonged periods of time can be especially gruesome for me.

And if you have any sock recommendations that help prevent blisters, y’all are saints.

So, Buy Committee (that’s you), scroll down to the comments to share your experiences with your sneakers. Help Ana decide whether she should invest in a pair of Yeezy’s, or Balenciagas.

I, for one, think that sneakers are awful for long stretches. The best advice I received when I moved to NYC, where walking was invented, is: skip the sneakers and invest in a really good pair of (expensive) boots. A good pair will last a lifetime and can successfully protect your feet.


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