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Buy Committee: Was I Born to Play Bloodborne: The Card Game?

Photo by Raymond Tan on Unsplash
Photo by Raymond Tan on Unsplash
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Bloodborne: The Card Game promises to be a dark, fun team-based romp, but Travistech22 isn’t ready to journey through the Chalice Dungeon quite yet.

I keep bouncing back and forth on Bloodborne: The Card Game, though I know exactly why. I’m sure that the game is good, it’s Eric Lang, c’mon.

But, it’s also 35 bucks I could spend on other essentials, I don’t know if I can get it to the table anytime soon with Gloomhaven, Massive Darkness, and Dark Souls: The Board Game taking up most of my tabletop time right now, and on top of all that, Lang recently teased that he’s working on an official Bloodborne: The Board Game in conjunction with CMON with deck building mechanics, so I think I’d rather put the money towards that Kickstarter, as I’m a massive sucker for mini-heavy dungeon crawlers, especially ones with deck building.


So, Buy Committee (that’s you), scroll down to the comments to share your experiences with Bloodborne: The Card Game. Help Travistech22 decide whether he should get this particular game, or maybe suggest a different game that you had fun with recently.

A large chunk of Travistech22's note was focused on the $35 price tag. But as a writer for Kinja Deals, I know this particular card game goes on sale quite frequently. And right now he can actually pick it up for just $21.

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