Buy Committee: Should I Upgrade My Smartphone?

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While we can easily predict when the latest and greatest smartphones will be released, it’s often difficult to justify buying a new one when our current device still works fine. Buy Committee, Philip Johnston needs some advice.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. It runs well and has Android 9 on it. However I’m concerned that Samsung might decide to not to port Android Q on to the S8. I was going to try and upgrade around Black Friday/Xmas since the price for the S10 would be best around then, but if I could squeeze another year out of the S8 I definitely would. Thoughts?

PS, I’m not wild about the upgrade and trading your phone in option for security reasons.

So, Buy Committee (that’s you), scroll down to the comments to share strategy when it comes to upgrading your smartphone. Help Philip decide whether he should invest in a new smartphone now, and if so, which one you’d recommend.

I am 100% in the wait-and-see camp. If your device currently works (and is still supported by security updates), keep using it. There’ll always be a better phone in the future, and waiting to find the best price is a great idea. (Plus, 5G is coming, maybe?)


Only consider upgrading early if 1) you have no choice (if your phone breaks, or stops getting security patches) or 2) you plan on selling your old phone. The earlier you get a new phone, the better return you’ll get.

On that note, you’re smart to be cautious about handing over your device because of security. But if you wipe it properly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of a trade-in offer.


Of course, we’re looking to help you decide on more purchases. So, if you’re still agonizing over something, email with the subject line “Buy Committee” or tweet us at @ItsTheInventory.