Buy Committee: Can I Do Better Than Rainbow Sandals?

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Photo: Roopak Ravi (Unsplash)

Buy Committee, I love my Rainbow sandals. They’ve served me well for a number of years, but the top layer has been separating from the rest of the sandal. I’ve been gluing them back on but they persist on detaching.

I was wondering, could I do better than Rainbow sandals? I’ve been curious about switching it up and going with a pair of leather slides. I have wider feet and I want something that’ll last. I’d want it for both outdoor and indoor use.

These Cole Haan slides look interesting but I’d prefer a single tone. Perhaps the Frye Ethan slides?


So, Buy Committee (that’s you), scroll down to the comments to share your experiences with your sandals. Help me decide whether he should invest in another pair of Rainbow sandals or try something new.


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