Bulk up Your Winter Wardrobe and Grab Any 3 Flannels for $75 at JACHS NY

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3 Flannel Bundle | $75 | JACHS NY
3 Flannel Bundle | $75 | JACHS NY
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

3 Flannel Bundle | $75 | JACHS NY | Use Code 3FN

Starting now mix & match any 3 premium flannels at JACHS NY for only $75. Just use the code 3FN at checkout and the discount will appear. There are 24 styles and colors to pick from so you can really have a nice assortment and a bit a variety. The Brawny line is included in this deal and these are the flannels you want when the temperatures drop. They are super heavyweight, durable, and made for the cold. As with all flannels, each of these is versatile as you can layer them and dress up it or down. Flannels are the perfect winter item and work beautifully on their own or as an overshirt. And with that cozy Brawny collection, you can even use it as an in between jacket. Each of these is classic, sharp, and will make you look stylish without even lifting a finger.

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