Bless Your Next Campaign With This Gorgeous Scalemaille Dice Bag From Etsy

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Scalemaille Dice Bag | $53 | Etsy
Scalemaille Dice Bag | $53 | Etsy
Photo: Sheilah Villari

Scalemaille Dice Bags | $15 - $53 | Etsy

If you’ve been meeting up with your D&D virtually good on you, you’re a noble warrior who won’t let a plaque interfere with your guild. If you’re like most of my pals (and even me at one point) you have probably amassed a bunch of dice. Let’s be honest there are some absolutely beautiful sets out there and it’s hard to not start hoarding them all. Well, the time has come to store them in an equally beautiful place. These scalemaille bags are from Etsy are just that.

These bags come in sizes small to extra large and range in price from $15 - $53. The color combinations vary from quite vibrant to more demure fitting right in with whatever class you are. Shiny sparkles for Sorcerers. Muted metallics for Rangers. There are two styles in the large size currently 10% off. The extra large size comes with the option to add a set of random dice for an additional $3 which is a pretty nice deal.

Free shipping on this item and most in KraftyKenku’s Etsy shop.