Breville Boss Blender

Name a kitchen appliance category. If Breville doesn’t make the best one, they at least make the most enjoyable one to use that’s by far the best looking. The Breville Boss Superblender is no exception, with an intuitive interface, scary power, and some Apple-esque magic thrown in for good measure.

The Breville Boss can make hot, ready-to-serve soups from cold ingredients. The Breville Boss has a built-in cleaning cycle. The Breville Boss can start to sound like a Chuck Norris joke as you read about everything it can do.


The Boss competes directly with the flagships from Blendtec and Vitamix, and once you go to two horse power and beyond, you never go back. Smoothies are smoother, soups are soupier, nut butters are... less nutty. Milkshakes, crushed ice for cocktails, mayonnaise, the world is yours with The Boss.

The Boss includes a beautiful hardcover recipe book that will hopefully inspire you to take full advantage of its capabilities, but at this price, you should really already be blending on a very regular basis. It’s huge, it’s loud, it’s overkill for most people, it’s awesome.