Black Friday Tire Deals Are HOT: Here’s the Rubber to Burn This Weekend

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One of the best-kept secrets in the automotive industry is the Black Friday tire deals. You see, the tire business is a retail one, so just like your local department store, the sales are abundant. And like everything else this year, shopping for tires can also be done online. Simple Tire is one of those online tire retailers, comprised of experts in online tire sales. They’ve been in the business long before the pandemic came around, so you know they’ve had time to perfect their system.

Simple Tires’ name does truly stand for its philosophy, and how you’ll find their site. Simple. Easy to use. Intuitive. The company is offering a boatload of deals this weekend that you should absolutely jump on. Here are some of my favorites.

Michelin Tires | Discount + $120 Rebate

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One of the best known and second-largest tire brands, Michelin is considered the best of the best when it comes to quality and safe tires. Simple Tires is offering both a discount on many Michelin tire SKUs and sizes and a rebate of up to $120. And you can double dip! Consumer Reports’ Jeff Bartlett lists Michelin as his top pick for both all-season and winter SUV tires. For sedans, he named Michelin’s tires the best performance all-season and ultra-high-performance summer tires.

Michelin’s are expensive, no doubt, but if you want the safest and highest quality tires out there, this is the time to buy them. And don’t forget about the rebate!

BFGoodrich Tires | Discount + $120 Rebate

BFGoodrich is a budget-friendly choice, offering both top-notch all-terrain tires and a favorite amongst American muscle car owners. In fact, while BFGoodrich was founded in Ohio, is it now owned by Michelin, and with that distinction, is amongst American’s favorite tires. If your tire size is available in BFGoodrich, and money is a bit tighter, definitely consider choosing a set this deals weekend.

Simple Tire is offering both a discounted price on many BFGoodrich tires and up to a $120 rebate this weekend, so hurry on and buy up. The prices don’t get better.

Pirelli Winter Tires | 50% Off + $70 Rebate

Songs are written about Pirelli tires, lauded as high performance and high quality, in-demand, and rarely on sale. Pirelli tires come stock on Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches and are often seen on racecars and other performance vehicles. Pirelli is known for innovative technology and a whole line of tires made for winter weather. This weekend, Simple Tire is offering two stackable promotions on these well-regarded performance options.

If winter tires are what you need, save $70 on Pirellis, by way of a rebate. You can also knock up to 50% off the tires as well as partake in installation promotions.

Finance Your Tires

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Many of us are not in a position to spend $500 + on a set of tires, and this year sure doesn’t help matters. Sometimes, financing is the only reasonable option. Tires are necessary for car safety, so it’s not something that can wait until the wallet catches up. Luckily, Simple Tire is including financing amongst its promotions. This is above and beyond all of its other deals. The retailer has partnered with Affirm to offer 0% financing on qualifying orders, so you can take advantage of this weekend’s sales.

Get a Deal on Tire Installation, Too

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One of my favorite things about Simple Tire is the ease and thoughtfulness with which they approach installation. In fact, Simple Tire partners with Repair Pal to provide you with top-notch installer options. Repair Pal is a network of shops certified to ensure your mechanic is trained to do the services you’re paying them for, that they have the proper tools to do it, and above all, that the mechanic will provide you with excellent customer service. So, unlike other online tire retailers who offer tire installation at myriad corporately owned chains, Simple Tire gives you the opportunity to support the local economy and small businesses. While you’re at it, perhaps you’ll find a mechanic you love and enter into a lifelong relationship.

Until December 1, Simple Tire is offering up to 50% off of tire installation when tires are bought and service booked through the site.