Biolite's Limited Time Emergency Preparedness Kits Will Keep the Lights On In a Pinch

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BioLite’s outdoor gear is generally used make camping trips more comfortable, but for Emergency Preparedness Month, the off-grid energy purveyors are bundling up some of the products you’d need to get through an extended power outage or severe weather event.

For the month of September only, they’re offering three different bundles designed for different size groups of people, but they’d all come in handy for most any type of disaster that would leave you without power, lights, or clean drinking water for an extended period.

The Solo Edition includes a rechargeable HeadLamp 330 (which we adore), a Stuffsack (which transforms the HeadLamp into a lantern), a SunLight solar lantern, a water-resistant battery pack, and a LifeStraw to turn dirty water into drinkable water. $130, or $20 less than buying everything separately.


The Apartment Edition includes two HeadLamps, two Stuffsacks, two SunLights, a LifeStraw, and a SolarHome 620, which is basically a full solar-powered emergency power and lighting kit, allowing you to light an apartment and charge your phone while off the grid. $310, or $60 less than buying everything individually.

And finally, the Family Edition includes a SolarHome 620, four HeadLamps, four Stuffsacks, four SunLights, and a LifeStraw Family, which provides a lot more clean water than a classic LifeStraw. $459, down from $534.


Obviously, you’d hope to never be in a position where you have to use these products just to get by (or at least to keep your phone charged during an extended outage), but most of them could be used on camping trips or hikes as well, so think of it as a good chance to save some money, while investing a bit in your peace of mind.