Bellesa's Best Selling Air Returns and You Can Save $20 to Welcome It Back

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Air by Bellesa | $79 | Use Code AIRISBAE
Air by Bellesa | $79 | Use Code AIRISBAE
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Air by Bellesa | $79 | Use Code AIRISBAE

The Air by Bellesa is the perfect way to treat yourself during these trying times. The Air has become a crowd-pleaser for one of our favorite vibe companies and seeing as how they designed it themselves this shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s hard for them to keep this tiny but mighty toy in stock. But while it’s here they want you to get $20 off of it.

As mentioned they designed this vibrator with the cinetic suction tech Bellesa has come to be known for. Their award-winning toy stimulates the clitoral region with the suction pleasure jet all while also hitting the g-spot. Who wouldn’t love a two-for-one experience? The Air is made of soft waterproof silicone, is durable, and flexible to literally fit your needs. Ten vibration modes and ten suction modes. Dual stimulation is the way of the future! And honestly who doesn’t want to live in the future right or any other timeline? At least Bellesa can help take your mind off of that and turn you on to something else. Bellesa Above Everyone.

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