Because We Are Still Doing Wine at Home Grab This Case for Under $100

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1 Case of Wine For Home Red Blend | $95 | MorningSave

With your work happy hour getting moved to Zoom I’m sure you’ve become quite creative with your cocktails. And zero judgment with your crushing a bottle of wine through the Skypes and Google Hangouts too. Everyone is still dealing with this pandemic in their own way. But if you do find your wine cellar looking bare let’s get it back to tip-top shape with a case of Wine For Home for less than $100.

This is a red blend with a bouquet of cherries, blueberries, plums, and dark fruits. Those flavors really make these bottles live up to the theory that wine is just adult fruit juice. It’s created and bottled by Broken Earth Winery from Paso Robles, California. So it’s all done within the US. With this deal, each bottle shakes out to just under $8. The only downside is that there are quite a few states they can’t deliver to because of rules. It’s twenty-one states to be exact, bummer. Also under instructions on delivery, it stated that is you’re visibly intoxicated upon delivery you will not be allowed to receive the wine. Double bummer. Everything is good in moderation so if you do snag this case these bottles should last you until the next boozy deal rolls around from us.

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