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Be Spooky, and Spend Your Money on Something Mysterious

Photo: Evan Dennis (Unsplash)

What’s the scariest way to spend your money today? Buy something ~mysterious~ <thunder clap> <ghost noises>.

Did you know that some retailers will take your money, and then send you whatever the fuck they want without even consulting you? It’s true! And it’s terrifying. But also, kind of fun, just like Halloween.


Don’t know what I mean? You will, in time. Here are three sites that where you can buy things unknown. Revel in the anticipation and either delight or despair when your spooky item finally arrives at your doorstep.


Mystery Grab Bag (6 pins), $45
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Pins! They’re cute, they’re fun, they’re sinister—if you use them to poke people’s eyeballs out (don’t do that). The best pin brand, Pintrill, will send you a Mystery Grab Bag featuring six randomly chosen pins for $45—or go big and buy 12 mystery pins for $60, or 20 mystery pins for $80. You might get a Snoopy-as-Dracula pin. You could get a Ghostbusters pin. You could get a pin that simply reads Zaddy. You could get all of the above!


Cotopaxi Del Dia Collection
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

No two items in Cotopaxi’s Del Dia collection are alike. The collection features multicolored backpacks and bags that have each been made in the Philippines from remnant materials by an employee who has total creative control over the colorway. Everything from the zippers to the interior pockets, to each individual strap could wind up being a different color, and you won’t know what that color is until it’s delivered to your doorstep.


Inkbox Roulette Bundle of 3, $30
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

If you, like me, fear the permanence of tattoos and not so much the pain (or if you fear the pain, that’s fine, ya wimps), Inkbox is a company that allows you to give temporary tattoos a whirl. Inkbox tattoos last 1 to 2 weeks and take just 15 minutes to apply, and if you really want to roll the dice, you can go for Inkbox’s roulette option. You’ll get a pack of 3 mystery tattoos for just $30. True daredevils will just put the tattoo on their bodies without even looking at what they are first; nothing scarier than a (temporary) hideous tattoo!

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