Back in Stock: The Colorful Playstation DualSense Controllers Are Available at Amazon

Get a DualSense in any color besides white, and for a dollar less than everywhere else.

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PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller (Cosmic Red) | $74 | Amazon
PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller (Nova Pink) | $74 | Amazon
PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller (Starlight Blue) | $74 | Amazon
PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller (Galactic Purple) | $74 | Amazon

If you’ve been holding out for one of the colorful PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controllers, now is your time to shine, because they’re back in stock! It looks like you can find them just about everywhere, but they’re ever-so-slightly cheaper at Amazon right now, where they’re being sold for a dollar off at $74. And, for lucky Prime Members, they’re even available for same-day delivery! This won’t be the case for everyone, of course, but for those of you near enough to an Amazon warehouse, you could be holding a Starlight Blue or Nova Pink DualSense in your hands tonight when you jump into Elden Ring and do ... whatever it is you do in that game. To be honest, that one completely slipped my radar, and now I refuse to learn anything about it because it’s extremely rare that I get to go into any AAA title without any foreknowledge, and that sounds fun. So don’t tell me about Elden Ring, please. Do, however, also give consideration to the Galactic Purple and Cosmic Red controllers. Oh! Or use the blue and pink controllers in a much more responsible gender reveal party than people are doing these days.