Apple Subscriptions Are Free Right Now, so Go Watch Severance, Already

Get all the music, TV, and news you want for a cool $0.

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Apple Subscriptions | Free | Best Buy
Apple Subscriptions | Free | Best Buy
Image: Tom Philip

I’ve begged all my friends to watch Severance—the best show on TV in YEARS—and they always, always get annoyed when they realize it’s on Apple TV+. Look, I get it: The idea of paying for yet another streaming service is exhausting. Enough already! So how about this: How about you don’t pay for it? Right now Apple, via Best Buy, is offering FREE three-month subscriptions to Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+ so you can sit on your couch and watch all the Ted Lasso and Severance your heart desires while also tracking all the steps you’re not taking. And another thing! Apple Music and Apple News are free for six months. Time to finally find out who or what “Vulfpeck” is.

Apple TV+ (3 Months) | Free | Best Buy
Apple Music (6 Months) | Free | Best Buy
Apple Fitness+ (3 Months) | Free | Best Buy
Apple News+ (6 Months) | Free | Best Buy