Anker's Kickstarter-Backed EufyCam Is Now Available to All, In a Slimmed-Down Package

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Anker’s feature-packed home security camera system was a Kickstarter sensation last summer, and now it’s finally available on Amazon, in a svelte new package.

The EufyCam E is more or less the same proposition as the crowdfunded EufyCam (now being sold exclusively through Walmart): A water-resistant, 1080p security camera that you can mount anywhere with a magnetic base (and yes, there’s a 100 decibel alarm and two-way intercom if anyone tries any funny business). You can choose to pay a nominal $2.99-per-camera monthly fee for a cloud storage plan, but the kits include a base station that can live stream to your phone or your Alexa show, plus a 16GB microSD card that serves as the repository for your motion-triggered clips, no monthly fees required. And as you’d expect from Anker, the cameras pack in best-in-class battery life of up to a year between charges, so you won’t have to run any wires.

The E model is significantly smaller than the chunky, original EufyCam, but it does lack its forebear’s built-in AI, which could distinguish between known faces and strangers, as well as humans and other moving objects like dogs. Its closest analog would probably be Netgear’s Arlo Pro system, which is actually cheaper, but with significantly shorter battery life—officially 3-6 months, but some customers struggle to get a week in high traffic areas—so your choice will likely come down to how easy your cameras are to access and charge, and how often you’re willing to think about them.


For a limited time, Anker’s offering a 15% launch discount on all configurations of the EufyCam E with promo code EUFYUSJY.