Anker’s New PowerPort Atom Could Be Your One and Only Charger

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Anker essentially takes everything you already own and adds a few more ports. Their latest USB-C Wall Charger is no exception.

The Anker 100W PowerPort Atom PD 4 improves on your laptop’s charger by adding a second Type-C port and a couple of USB-A ports for your other devices. (Think a more adaptable version of the Microsoft Surface Power Supply.)

It can output an alarming 100W of juice over a single USB-C PD port, and while not many devices can take full advantage of that kind of charging speed yet, there will surely be some in the future that can. In the meantime, it can also intelligently share all of those watts between up to four devices at once, providing plenty of power to charge a couple of laptops and phones simultaneously.


In addition to consolidating all of the wall chargers currently in your carry-all, it’ll also save you valuable AC plug real estate. So whether you take it on-the-go or keep it on your desk, you’ll have enough ports to keep your mobile gadgets charged up.

And right now, early adopters can pick up this newly released device for $10 off its advertised price.