Amazon, Fearing Neither God Nor Man, Takes On Nutella

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When browsing Amazon’s snack selection to spend a $10 sample box credit, I stopped in my tracks when I saw what appeared to be Nutella-like chocolate spread being sold under Amazon’s own Wickedly Prime brand. Surely it couldn’t be as good as the real thing, right?

Well, it’s complicated. I bought a pack of two jars with my $10 credit (with a few cents left over; not bad), and after the first bite it was immediately clear that this is not Nutella. It’s not really meant to taste like Nutella. Amazon’s chocolate truffle spread dials the chocolate factor up to 11, and completely throws the tempering hazelnut flavor out the window.

For some, this will be too much of a good thing. Nutella’s hazelnut base makes it less overpowering as a dip, and lets you eat it by the spoonful without feeling too bad about yourself, whereas the Amazon truffle spread tastes like a liquified chocolate bar, with just the tiniest hint of vanilla. I still greatly enjoyed dipping graham crackers in there (way too many of them), but slurping it down with a spoon was just too sweet and overpowering.

Amazon’s spread also suffers from consistency issues. Out of the box, I found it to be clumpy in the middle of the jar, and runny on the sides. That might be due to the unseasonably warm day on which it was delivered, and it mixed together fine after a few seconds of stirring, but still, not the best first impression.


So if you’re at the store and want something like Nutella, just buy Nutella. But if you’ve already taken your pants off for the day, Amazon’s alternative is a fine filler for your gluttonous Prime Now order.